Friday, September 17, 2010

`Lost' alumni Emerson, O'Quinn pursuing TV project


NEW YORK – Michael Emerson confirms he and former fellow "Lost" star Terry O'Quinn are shopping around for ideas for a TV show.

Emerson says they both want something more lighthearted than "Lost." He hopes the show can acknowledge their "age and frailty." Emerson says he envisions a show where, if their characters get hit in the face, they "don't get up for a month."

"There are a couple of ideas being batted around," said Emerson
"I think some veteran writers are cooking things up and eventually if anyone cooks up something really good then somebody might get behind it and shoot it...If a project can be made out of two actors that really work well together and have a great track record and have high visibility, then it should work in our case."

As for that show with Terry, Michael says they're hoping for something lighter than their most recent roles. Maybe even a...comedy.

"This is why we were willing to team up," Michael tells me. "Both of us were interested in a change of pace, a change of scene. And both of us wanted to do something more light-hearted. I don't know if that means the new Odd Couple or anything like that, but we're both interested in emerging from the darkness and having a little more fun and a little more twinkle in our eye."


I would love for them to do a show like Law & Order, in which we could watch Terry O"Quinn and Michael Emerson eating doughnuts all day, and chasing criminals around in a police car. Wouldn't that be fun?

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